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Guns - Hummels - Art Pottery - Ornaments - Jewelry - Collectables - 12/16/2018 12 noon

Item Description
1.Metal Texaco Talking Gas Pump Bank. Dings and sings the Texaco Song
2.1956 Ford Texaco Pick up Truck - Tin Gas Station Bank and Tow Truck
3.Ertl 1936 Ford Texaco Panel Truck
4.2 1949 Mercury Sedan and Custom Mercury Sedan Chopped Roof
5.Ertl 1931 Texaco Stearman Biplane Bank Mint in Box
6.Ertl 1929 Curtis's Robin Texaco Plane Bank mint in box
7.JADA BIGTIME Muscle 1/24 Cars with 1962 Volkswagen Bus, 1969 Charger, 1963 Lincoln, 1985 Camaro, 1953 Chevy. 5 times Take All
8.ANSO 1947 Cadillac Convertible 1/24
9.M2 1/24 MACHINES with 1956 Ford 100 Hooker - 1969 Camero Bootlegger - 1956 Ford F100 Moon 3 times take all
10.JADA LOPRO 1/24 with 1967 Chevy Impala SS- 1963 Chevy Corvette Stingray 2 times take both
11.Mixed Makers all 1/24 with 1966 Chevy C10 Fleetside Pickup - 19?? Volkswagen "Samba" Van - 1959 Corvette 3 times take all
12.Hotwheel Ferrari 300 Spider. Car is mint but no box
13.Faberge Style Enameled & Jeweled Egg
14.Beautiful Humpback Truck with Insert. NO SHIPPING Must be Picked up Day of Sale
15.Dovetailed Antique Coffee Grinder
16.Hummel Needlepoint Picture of "Ring Around Rosie"
17.Hummel Needle Point Picture of "Stormy Weather"
18.30" Tall Antique Bronze Candelabras with Oriental Bird Motif. Signed Bare?? These are Heavy. Guess around 20 pounds each. Sorry But No shipping unless you make arrangements for them. These are great and have been electrified. Est. $800 to $1000
19.David Winters Thornhill Chapel Members Only
20.David Winters 1984 "The Chapel"
21.1980 David Winters "Mill House"
25.David Winters 1987 Benbows Farm House & Pilgrims Rest 1 Money
26.David Winters Tamar Cottage - Little Market - Candlemakers - Green Dragon Pub - Meadow Bank Cottage & Bothy all 1 money
27.8" x 9" Oil on Canvas very well done of 2 Young Ladies reading a Note. Has some age EST: $150 to $250
28.12" Tall Enamel on Victorian Glass Vase
29.8 1/2" x 12" Metal Framed Print.
30.6" x 9 1/2" Crown Amphora Austria Bowl with Grapes and Leaves. Normal Ruffage for piece this age. #3808
31.Royal Doulton "Forty Winks" HN1974 Has a Hairline in Glaze but not cracked
32.Royal Doulton HN 2250 "Toymaker"
33.15 1/2" Oriental Castilian Charger with Metal Stand.
34.4" x 8 1/2" Beautiful New England Art Glass Bowl
35.Pink/White Murano Bowl with Silver Base. 14" Wide with original label. No Damage.
36.Murano Art Glass handled Bowl with original Label
37.Beautiful Murano Blue/Pink/Green Handkerchief Vane with original Paper label
38.Roseville 101-7 Zephry Lily Vase No Damage
39.Signed Weller Floretta 6" Raised Grape Vase No Damage
40.Roseville 71-4 Water Lily Handled Vase 1940 No Damage
41.Roseville 10" Mostique 1915 Vase No Damage
42.Weller Louwelsa 7" x 10" Jardiniere with Hand Painted of Tulip
43.Roseville 201-8 Zephyr Lily Cornucopia Vase 1940 Nice Dark Colors No Damage
44.6 x 8 1/2" 290-6 Moss Vase 1930s Great Colors
45.Roseville Couch Shell 1940's has some nips on it but can't see from front.
46.7 1/2" Tall Weller Louwelsa Vase No Damage
47.Blue Hobnail Opalescent Rose Bowl
48.Stevens Williams 10" Applique Vase. Beautiful but some nips as usual on Applique
49.Rare Meissen Bronze Fitted Parrot Candlesticks 14" Tall. No Damage and Beautiful. These are Antique. Est. $1500 to $2500
50.Cut & Press Glass Liquor Decanter
51.Hummel 433 Sing Along No B
52.Hummel 467 Kindergarten No B
53.Hummel 204 Weary Wanderer No B
54.563/0 Little Visitor 94/95 Hummel Club
55.Hummel 111/3/0 Wayside Harmony
56.Snowbabies "A Little Night Lite MIB
57.Snowbabies "The Grand Old Flag" MIB
58.Snowbabies "Wishing You a Merry Christmas" MIB
59.Snowbabes "Winter Tales of Snowbabies" MIB
60.Snowbabies "Dancing To A Tune and Starry Pines all 1 money
61.Snowbabies I'll Color the Easter Eggs" MIB
62.Snowbabies "My Woodland Wagon" MIB
63.Barbies Dolls with "Brazilian" - "Polynesian" - " Kenya" all 3 Mib 3 times take all
64.Barbies "Russia" - Germany - "Scottish" 3 times Take all. Dolls MIB
65.Barbies RARE Set "Army" - "Navy" - "Air Force" - Marine. 4 times take all. These sold for $50 Each all MIB
66.Barbies 1960 and 1950 Fashion Dolls Both MIB 2 times
67.Snowbabies "Spring Time Stories" MIB
68.Snowbabies "Shrubs in A Tub" 3 Pieces MIB all 1 money
69.Snowbabies "A Tisket a Tasket" Water Globe
70.Robert Raikes Santa Bear Mint in the Box. Sold for $100
71.Robert Raikes Angie the Aerobics & Doctor Doug 2x both MIB
72.Robert Raikes 1990 Robbie with Rocking Chair MIB
73.Robert Raikes Spring Flower Fairy MIB
74.Robert Raikes Hena Nurse & Doctor Doug both MIB 2 times
75.Robert Raikes 1990 Classic Santa MIB
76.Robert Raikes Bears George & Gracie sitting on a Bench MIB
77.Robert Raikes Courtney Bear MIB
78.Robert Raikes "Morning Meadows" MIB
79.Precious Moments "I Picked a Special Mom" Marked Error but I don't know what the Error is MIB
80.Precious Moments "Sealed with a Kiss" MIB
81.Precious Moments Sharing Our Season Together" MIB
82.Precious Moments "We Saw a Star" MIB
83.Precious Moments HE IS A hEALER OF A bROKEN hEART - sEND YOU mY lOVE - hAPPY dAYS - PURR FECT Grandma - God is Watching all MIB one Money Sorry no Photo
84.14" Tall Well Done Satsuma Vase Mint
85.Fantastic 12" Tall Silver Overlay Vase. Dark Green. Has internal Fractures but is still solid and none of Silver is Broke
86.8" Tall and 10" Wide Lenox USA Bowl. Mint
87.3 1/2" x 12" Lenox USA Bowl Mint
88.Pair of 7" Tall Lenox Candlesticks. Mint but no photo
89.Pair of 8" and 6" Lenox Rose Blossom Vases Bot 1 money
90.Pair of 7 1/2" & 6" Lenox Rose Blossom Vases MIB 1 Money
91.Pair 4 1/2" Lenox Rose Blossom Bowls MIB
92.2 - 6" and 1 -4" Lenox Rose Blossom Bowls
93.3 Lenox Candle Lamps 1 Money
94.Lenox Love Bird Ring or Pin Box
95.Lenox Swan Box
96.3 Lenox Bowls all 1 money
97.Lenox Vase and Covered Bowl
98.Roseville 464-6 Freesia Bowl Mint
99.Weller Floretta Handpainted Jug
100.Lenox Vase and Bowl
101.Lenox Rose Blossom Candlesticks
102.West Germany Goose Girl
103.Murano Art Glass Bowl Sorry Lost Photo. It is Blue Green in Color
104.Majolica Style Basket Lost Photo
105.Lenox Heart Shape Pill Box Sorry Lost photo
106.Small Bronze Swan with Cut Glass Faceted Glass Crystal Wings Sorry Lost Photo
107.Large Spanish Handpainted Country Scene Gold Handled Urn.
108.12" Doulton Burslem Hand painted Tray. Beautiful Painting no damage.
109.Hand Painted D & C France Bowl, Artist Initial and dated December 1895 Mint
110.Japan Wind Up Animated Box with "The Acrobat's" & "Invitation to Dance" both work 2 times
111. Enesco Musical Society "We're in the Money Cash Register works
112.Enesco Musical Society Baby Grand Piano with animated Mice playing Instruments MIB
113.18" Victorian Style Santa in the Box
114.Hummel 376 Little Nurse NO B Selling on ebay for over $50
115.Hummel 351 The Botanist No B
116.Hummel 377 Bashful No B
117.344 Hummel Feathered Friends NO B
118.Hummel 434 Friend or Foe. 1st Issue Trade Mark 6 1991 1st Issue
119.2079/ A B All by Myself and Windy Wishes. Both 1st Issues 2003 in Trade Mark 8 2 times
120.403 Hummel 'An Apple A Day" TM 5 No B
121.Hummel 459 "In the Meadow"" No B
122.Hummel 323 Little Pharmacist 3 Line
123.608 Hummel Blossom Time" NO B 1st Issue 1996
124.Hummel 119 The Postman Last B
125.Hummel 125 The Waiter Sty B
126.16pcs of Arko Agate Childs Tea Set. Chip on Teapot
127.1971 to 1981 Item Numbers 700 to 711 Bells. All seem to be mint. You are buying all for one money. They start for less than the cost of 1
128.Box Lot with 6 Plates, Brass Tray, Barbers Bank, Wall Angel, Wheaton Large Blue Bottle and more
129.18 Hummel Annual Plate's with Rare 1971 & 1973. Buy them all for less than Cost of 1
130.RARE Hummel 173/11 Festival Harmony 12" Tall Last B Original Cost over $500+
131.Hummel 416 Jubilee TMK 6 1st Issue
132.RARE Hummel 136/V/ Friends 11 " Tall Sty Nee. Issue Price is $1500.00
133.Weller Small Louwelsa Tulip Bowl
134.Roseville #134 Cosmos Bowl Mint
135.2 Hallmark Cars. 1926 Studebaker Roadster & 1926 Speedster 2 times take both
136.2 Hallmark Airplanes. 1930 Custom BiPlane & 1930 Spirit of Christmas 2 times take both
137.Roman Inc Santas Angels Plays Silent Night
138.2004 Thomas Kinkade Skaters Pond that lights up
139.Vintage Santa
140.Box Lot of O W C (Old World Christmas) Glass ornaments all 1 money. These sell for $5 to $15 Each.
141.Box Lot of Unknown Glass Ornaments
142.Your Choice of Large Glass Ornaments. The Coke 6 Pack has a Price tag of almost $40. Plus Santa - Snowman Angel, Clown and more 9 times .You must send us a email Friday if you are willing at the Absentee Bidding.
143.16 Radko Ornaments. all 1 money
144.5 Radko Ornaments
145.5 Large Glass Ornament with Snoopy - Snowman - Mouse - Octopus - Clown. These sell for $15 to $30 each all 1 money
146.Hallmark Frosty Friends Ornament in Box. Cost $40
147.Box Lot of Ornaments all 1 money
148.Box lot of Snoopy Ornaments
149.5 Radko Ornaments in Box Set Ebay Asking $200 +
150.Polonaise Glass Ornaments of Columbus Ships in Original Box. Set was sold for $150
151.5 Musical and animated Ornaments 5 times
152.2003 Thomas Pacconi Large 8" Ornamenys 3 piece set MIB
153.Thomas Pacconi Set with 2 Jointed Bears & 1 Jointed Snowman
154.Polonaise Peace on Earth Set. Asking now on eBay $312.00 Mint in Original Decorated Box
155.Polonaise Cinderella 5 piece Collection in Original Box Mint
156.Komozja Polonaise Tropical 4 piece Set Asking on eBay $225 mint in Original Box
157.Komozja Polonaise Holy Family Nativity Set Mint in Original Box
158.Komozja Polonaise 4 Piece Train Set in Original Box
159.Komozja Polonaise Christmas Carol 5 piece set
160.Komozja Polonaise Hanzel & Gretel Set in Original Box
161.Komozja Polonaise 2000 Budweiser Clydesdale's Set Mint in Original Box
162.Ginger Bread House Ornament set in original House Box
163.18 Radko Easter Glass Ornaments a sets of Glass Beads Most of these ornaments sold for 15 to 30 each all one money
164.7 Easter Ornaments all 1 money
165.RARE Hummel 10/111 12" Tall Madonna with Christ FULL BEE
166.151/11 Hummel 12" Tall Madonna Holding Christ NO Bee in White
167.Hummel 46/0 10 1/4" Madonna No Halo No B
168.45/0 Madonna with Halo 10 1/2" No B
169.Goebel 3 Children at Christmas Figure
170.Pair of Dresden Miniature Compotes 1 money
171.10" Tall Royal Vienna Handled Urn Beehive Mark
172.Hungary 11 1/2" Tall Figure of Maiden in National Dress
173.Lenox 1999 "A Winter Visit"
174.Maruri Studio 736/3500 Humming Birds titled Delicate Motion
175.Steif Hummel Snowman
176.Steif Hummel Jointed Bear
177.Box Lot of Santa Ornaments
178.26 Plug and Play Animated Ornaments. Look like they plug into a light cord. Not large lights but small modern before LED all for one money these sell on Ebay for 10 to 10 each.
179.14 Boyds Bear Ornaments
180.Huge Box of Ornaments with lots of Hallmarks
181.Box lot of Snowmen and Santa
182.Box lot of Large to Small Snowmen
183.Box lot of 2 sets of 3 stooges, Comic and other Character Ornaments
184.Box Lot of Car - Truck & Etc Ornaments
185.Nice Village Display with Large Church That lights up plus Battery Lite Tree and Houses. Large Church plug in and works
186.Wood or simulated wood Cravings Santa , Large Moose and more
188.Collection of MM Candy Dispensers They sold for 15 to 25 each
189.Erte Las Vegus Doll. MIB Selling on Ebay 50 to 100
190.42" Tall Rustie Doll MIB "Radiant Mist" Sold for over $400 Sorry to Big to Ship Must be picked up
191.36" Tall Rustie Doll. "Blue Raven Mint in Box Sold $300 and up Sorry NO Shipping
192.32" Rustie Doll . Mint in Box "Vegus" Sorry to big to ship must be picked up
193.Bob Mackie Doll Autumn MIB Sorry must be picked up Doll selling on ebay for 40 to 150
194.Bob Mackie Doll "Winter" MIB Sorry No Shipping. Selling on eBay for 50 to 150
195.34" Rose Medallion Palace Vase. NO DAMAGE AND NO SHIPPING.
196.Oil Painting in Victorian Frame NO SHIPPING
197.Print titled Daddy's Dream by signed Dave McCamon 1987. Real Signature.
198.Trap Master 1100 CO2 Powered Shotgun. Like New and these are selling on eBay for over $200 when you see on. Rare only made 1968 to 1971
199.Daisy 105 BB Gun Rifle. It works
200.Daisy J77 Spittin Image BB Gun. Never used mint in Box
201.Long Barrel American Fowler made like a Kentucky Long Rifle. Lock is signed J Beigs Lancaster Circa 1790
202.3rd Pattern Bess. Used by British in Napoleonic Wars. 40" Long 75cal. This is not one of those junkie Napal Imports.
203.1850 Era British Made Sporting Fowler
204.Rare 68 cal. Big Bore Heissen Rifle circa 1770 was probably used in the Revolutionary War. Gun was converted to Percussion
205.WW!! Circa 1940 Turkish Mauser.
206.1891 Italian Carcana Carbine used by Volksturn
207.Japanese Type 30 Rifle. Used in Jap - Russian War
208.WWII British Bren Light Machine Gun Parts Kit. I don't know how complete but being sold as parts.
209.Sten Mark III Submachine Gun Parts Kit. Being sold as parts only.
210. CVA Wolf 50 Cal with Scope
211.Savage 243 with Scope
212.Mossberg Model 835 12Ga. Mag
213.Mix Bag of Ammo. 11-30 Army , 5 30 Rem, 8-32/40, 3-28mm, 9-30/30,2-30/40 & 9 32 Special
214.Bag of Old Pistol AMMO with 15 32SW, 31 38SW, 1 38 Colt, 1 Rem.
215.US Springfield Model 1903 30 cal Nice Original
216.US Springfield Model 1884 45/70 Trapdoor all original
217.US Springfield Model 1896 Krag 30/40/ All original has not been modified in any way
218.British Enfield Mark III Dated 1910. All original Nice
219.Winchester Model 90 Slide Action 22 Short. Nice all Original
220.Marlin Lever Action 22 cal S-L-LR Very Nice & Original
221.Ithaca Model 72 Saddlegun. Mint in Box 22cal
222.Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight 12 ga with 2 Barrels
223.Winchester Model 70 270 cal. with Redfield 3x 9x Scope
227.2 Bohemian Cranberry Hand Painted Handing Lamp. Circa 1960/70 2 times take 1 or both. These are Beautiful and very Expensive sold for $400 + Each
228.3 Hallmark Christmas Trees with Decorations MIB about 6" Tall
231.2 Complete Boxes of Shiny Brite Glass Ornaments Both 1 Money
232.1970 / 19800 Cast Iron Drawn Horse Fire Truck. MIB
233.Tin Wind Up Santa on Tricycle works
234.29" Tall Parrot. Made out of unknown. Some Nicks but still nice. Sorry NO SHIPPING must be picked up day of sale.
235.6 - 3' Tall by 16" Wide. That is Each Panel. Made out of Metal and Hand Painted. 6 times take all. No Shipping. Must be Picked Up or you arrange for pickup and shipping. These are Fantastic and made in layers so Item is in 3D.
236.2 Box Lots of Christmas Ornaments Sorry NO Shipping Top Box are Hand Decorated Tin Ornaments
237.Box Lot of Christmas Ornaments No Shipping
J1.10kt Gold Jade Elephant Pendant with 9kt English Gold Chain 18" Long. We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J2.14kt Gold Very Nice Pearl & Diamond Custom Made Pin
J3.10kt Gold 3 Diamond Pendant and Gold 18" Chain...We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J4.10kt Gold ZED Diamond Cut Designer Ring We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J5.Platinum of 18kt Gold Victorian Diamond Ring over 1" Long size 5 1/2 6.9 Gram Beautiful Ring... We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J6.10kt Gold 3 Blue Topaz Ring. 3.5 gram ... We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J7.14kt Gold Amethyst & Citrene Ring size 9 3 Gram... We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J8.10kt Gold Amethyst Ring. Sort of Purple Brownish Stone. Size 8 1/2 6.4 Gram We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J9.Gold Filled Victorian Chain and Glass Cameo Pendent
J10.Beautiful Carved Victorian Cameo Pin
J11..925 Sterling Silver Victorian Cameo of Mt Fuji and appears to be signed at Bottom of Cameo
J12.Gold Overlay or Plated Diamond 1/2ct Genuine Diamond Ring
J13.Gold over .925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings. Retailed for $89.00. Need more than 1 Pair Have 4 Pair take as many as you want 4 times
J14.10kt Gold Ruby Ring tested on Stone Testing Machine. May be a Grown Ruby
J15.Gold over .925 Sterling Moonstone Earrings. Need more than 1. We have 4 pair take as many as you want. 4 Times Original Retail Price was $89.99
J16.Gold over .925 Sterling Silver Sapphire Tennis Bracelet.
J17.Gold over .925 Pearl & Gemstone Earrings. Need more than 1 set. We have four take as many as you want tines each. Retail Price Sold for was $89.99
J18.14kt Gold Beautiful 2 carat Blue Sapphire surrounded by 32 Very Nice Color & Clarity Diamonds. This Ring would Retail for around $3500.00. Starts at very Low Starting Price of $500... We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J19.14kt Gold Double Pearl Ring size 8 1/2 3.8 gram We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J20.10kt Gold Ring with Aqua - Peridot - Citrene - Amethyst. Size 7
J21.10kt Gold Beautiful 4carat Golden Citrene and 2 Yellow Sapphires on side of ring. Size 10... We Garentee Gold is Gold and All Stones are as we call it such as Diamonds are Diamonds
J22.9 .925 Sterling Silver Rings. 9 Times take all
J23..925 Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendent. Very Nice and Big
J24.Gold Overlay Pendent with 1/2 carat of Real Diamonds
J25.14kt Gold Hoop Earrings. Retailed $399.99
J26.10kt White Gold Pearl Ring Size 7 1/4 2.5Gram
J27.3 Sterling & Turquoise Bracelets. Sold for $40 Each. New never worn 3 times take all
J28.Fantastic 14kt Gold Super Nice 1 carat Blue Sapphire with 1 carat of Great High Quality Diamonds of Excellent Color Would Retail for $3000+ Starts way less at $400.00
J29.Gold over .925 Sterling Silver 1 carat Total Real Diamond Heart Shape Pendent. Retailed $799.99
J30.Sterling Silver Heart Box Locket
J31.14kt Gold 1/4 carat Blue Sapphire Marquise Cut Pendent. and Gold Chain
J32..925 Sterling Silver Locket and Chain. Locket set up for Photographs
J33.14kt Gold Cultured Pearl and Diamond Earrings in Porcelain Box
J34.14kt Gold Ruby & Diamond Earrings. Tested Rubies and They Test Genuine
J35..925 Ethiopian Opal and Silver Chain
J36.10kt Gold Black & White Pearl Ring with Diamonds
J37.Yellow Gold 10 Point Diamond Ring. Ring is unmarked but Gold
J38..925 Sterling Silver 1 carat Green Diopside Pendent
J39..925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Poison Ring
J40.3 - 925 Sterling Chains. 1 money
J41.Box Lot of Costume Jewelry.
J10B.Fantastic 14kt Gold 4 carat Tanzanite. Beautiful Stone than shows the Blue and Deep Purple Colors. The Stone that Tiffany Made Famous in the 1960's. Surrounded by 1 carat of Nice Side Full Cut Diamonds. Replacement Value over $10,000.
J15B.14kt Gold Rare Heart Cut 3.55 carat Columbian Emerald surrounded by 30 Diamonds. Emerald is of Very Nice Color. Replacement Value $9500.00
J26B.14kt Gold Clasp. Super nice Large 10mm 26" String of Pearls. Very nice color


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